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The RoundTable

St. Louis Catholic Worker: A Ten Year Retrospective

Winter 1987

Major Articles

  • A Very Ordinary Thing to Do: A Conversation with Mary Ann McGivern, Zack Davisson, Virginia Druhe and Ann Manganaro
  • Turning the Pages: A RoundTable Retrospective
  • Turning More Pages
  • Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker


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Regular Features

  • Cover – Artwork by Larry Nolte
  • Why This Issue – Barb Prosser
  • Centerfold – Names of Catholic Workers, Artwork by Larry Nolte
  • From Cass House – Leahnna and Bernard Diggs
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • From Karen House – Ann Manganaro
  • RoundTable Talk – Ellen Rehg

Why This Issue:


It almost seems superfluous to introduce this issue. The reasons should be clear. It was conceived in recognition of our amazement at the gifts of energy, talent, resources and love that have been shared in this work. We stand in awe of the wisdom that friends and community have imparted. We present this issue in response to our wonderment of that which sustains us. We share our sense of being graced by the way the poor have touched our lives and kept us focused on what is important (if only for a brief period). We express gratitude for the unrelenting way people have witnessed to us in order that we might witness to others.

We recognize the importance of our past in the formation of our future. We see the paradox of how much has changed around us in ten years compared to how little the constant needs of our guests for housing, health care and employment have been met. The reasons to pause and take stock at this moment are many. Perhaps just as important as any is that we celebrate ten years of holding together as a community, if at times only by a single link!


Virginia Drube, Mary Ann McGivern, Ann Manganaro and Zack Davisson capture and relive some of the history of our St. Louis Catholic Worker community in a conversation recorded in the pages that follow. We offer thanks as we record the names of the many who have and continue to sustain the work of our communities. Larry Nolte once again donates his artistic talents (and patience) as demonstrated on the center pages and the cover. We reprint the "Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker", the philosophical bedrock of the movement. At the heart of the issue are excerpts from the past ten years of The Round Table.

So many had written such inspiring reflections that it was a difficult task to limit our selections to seven pages. We have also chosen graphics that were originally drawn for the RT. In the "Round Table Talk" Ellen Rehg presents her response to a previous reflection on school busing. As always, in conclusion, our house articles offer personal accounts of what has been of importance to each of the house of late. We present this issue of retrospection with a deep sense of thanksgiving as well as sheer amazement that we have been so lovingly sustained over the last decade. Teka Childress in a 1984 Round Table article wrote, "We must believe that God directs our efforts of love beyond our imagination and our understanding."


In recognition of those efforts of love, we thank God for these past ten years and humbly pray for the renewal of God's favor in the years to come.


-Barb Prosser



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