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Winter 1993


Major Articles

  • Book Review – The Bible - Ellen Rehg
  • Keep the Dream Alive - Barb Prosser, Phil Heagney
  • Inquiries on the Art of Living – Ann Arch (Virginia Druhe)
  • Beneath the Disguise – Larry Willard
  • The Memory of the Movement – Phil Runkel
  • With a Little Bit of Luck – Mark Scheu

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Regular Features

  • Cover – Artwork Kris Dennis
  • Why This Issue – Bill Miller
  • Centerfold – Karen House 15th Anniversary BBQ Photos
  • From Abroad – Central America – Marilyn Lorenz Weinkoff
  • From Karen House – Becky Hassler
  • From Little House – Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • RoundTable Talk – Janet Grey McKennis



Another "Humor" issue? Why not? After all, there is pain and despair in countries like Somalia and Bosnia-Herzegovnia, a $4 trillion deficit, and visible collapse of our cities. We suffered through a presidential election. In addition, we faced Advent and Christmas in a society that was relieved by an increase in commercial spending.


Are these events to laugh about?



Laughter, a sense of humor, and wit are basic gifts we are given to help us reveal ourselves. Like many gifts, if they are used with intent of violence, they will destroy. If they are used with a sense of vulnerability and love, they will create joy.


Are we funny? Risking this issue has been rather like diving into a pool. The dive may be great, it may have gotten the diver in the '96 Games. But, imagine coming to the surface only to realize the swimsuit is gone. The situation is embarrassing, because after all that careful work and practice, the dive has left the diver exposed and vulnerable to a scrutiny by others that one never intended. And, of course, they laughed.


The first dive into this issue was made by Ellen Rehg, and her not-so-typical review of the Bible. The review is followed by (although not necessarily in order), a witty song parody written with joy by Mark Scheu. Phil Runkel adds a personal historical perspective of the Catholic Worker Archives. Barb Prosser and Phil Heagney contribute a national agenda that may be warm and familiar to some.


For a nice break, you may want to browse through the photos of Karen House's 15th Anniversary-the best darn barbecue Hogan Street has seen. The mysterious Ann-Arch offers some mannerly advice to help one out of those sticky Worker situations. Larry Willard takes on a more serious note with the coming of the Messiah in the guise of the poor. Mary Ann McGivern recalls some very special (and humorous) moments. Marilyn Lorenz-Weinkauff offers a wonderful review of the events in EI Salvador. Last, but not least, Becky Hassler discusses the simple joys of Sunday nights at Karen house. Not all of these articles were written with the intention of being humorous. They are nevertheless, poignant and revealing. We let ourselves go and would hope that you do too. When we cease to laugh, we give in to what is evil.


If you get bored, I suggest you invite a few friends over for Monopoly.


-Kris Dennis



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