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RoundTable Discussion on Homosexuality

Fall 1995


Major Articles

  • Answering Aquinas – Chris Butler
  • Understanding Love – John Kavanaugh, SJ
  • Celebrating Diversity – Sue Lauritsen
  • Showing A Kinder Face – Tim Pekarek
  • Let Us Reason Together - Ellen Rehg
  • Love: The Overwhelming Answer – Annjie Schiefelbein
  • Discerning the Truth - Teka Childress
  • Continuing the Challenge – Mark Scheu

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Regular Features

  • Why This Issue – Scott Stauffer
  • Centerfold –  Article from The Mustard Seed, the publication of the Toronto Catholic Worker
  • From Abroad – Bosnia – Patrick McCarthy
  • Book Review – Judy Cagney, RSCJ
  • From Karen House – Annjie Schiefelbein
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • From Our Mailbag
  • RoundTable Talk – Becky Hassler

Why This Issue:

In our tradition of providing a forum for open, honest and stimu1ating discussion of difficult issues from a Catholic Worker perspective, we are pleased to offer you this long overdue Round Table issue on homosexuality. This issue is the culmination of a process of discernment, reflection, prayer and sharing that our community started over a year ago when we first received a copy of the article Homosexuality & the Church: a Catholic Worker Response from the Summer 1994 issue of the Toronto Catholic Worker Mustard Seed publication. For a variety of reasons, it bas not been an easy process for our community to go through. We have devoted several meetings, retreats and prayers to discerning where and how God calls our community to respond to the many social, political, and religious issues of homosexuality. We have attended meetings of Dignity (a gay and lesbian Catholic liturgy group), read various articles and publications, and carefully considered our personal feelings and convictions. Through this process, we discovered that we have different experiences, points of view and ideas about this Round Table issue. Consequently, we have tried to provide a forum for different perspectives to encourage further dialogue and reflection.

In the centerfold, you will find a copy of the article from the Toronto Catholic Worker publication. We suggest you start here and then move throughout the issue to various reflections responding to the Toronto article. We are pleased that several current community members, past community members and close friends of Karen House have offered their thoughts for your consideration. They include: Chris Butler, Teka Childress, John Kavanaugh S.J., Sue Lauritsen, Tim Pekarek, Ellen Rehg and Annjie Schiefelbein.

We close out the issue with a From Abroad article by Pat McCarthy about the continuing war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a Round Table Talk article by Becky Hassler about a "normal" day in the Emergency Room at the St. Louis Regional Medical Center, a From Little House article by Mary Ann McGivern about her new hobby as a St. Louis Rams' fan (yes, that's right -a Rams fan), and finally a From Karen House article by Annjie Schiefelbein.

For our community, this issue has provided a direction for what Peter Maurin called "...a path from where we are to where we should be." We do not know where we are going, but we are on the path. Please join us in the continuing journey to speak out against the oppression and injustice that gay men and lesbian women encounter in our own hearts, homes and communities. May God guide our way!

-Scott Stauffer



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