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The RoundTable

Twenty Years!

Summer/Fall 1997

Major Articles

  • A Dream Revisited – Sue Lauritsen
  • From Karen House – Pat Coy
  • From Cass House – Carol Donahue, CPPS
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • Every Day is Different – Lee Carter
  • From Karen House - Teka Childress
  • Interview With Jeannie – Bill Ramsey
  • Interviewing Dione – Ellen Rehg
  • Community and Society – John Kavanaugh, SJ
  • The State and the Follower of Christ – Mark Scheu
  • Feminism, Peace and-- Incidentally-- the Church – Mary Dutcher
  • Showing a Kinder Face – Tim Pekarek
  • Inquiries into the Art of Living – Ann-Arch 
  • Original Goals for Karen House

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Regular Features

  • Photos – Mev Puleo
  • Poetry – Ann Manganaro, SL
  • Cover – Artwork Fritz Eichenberg
  • Why This Issue – Teka Childress
  • Centerfold –  Slips of Roses – Martha Crawley, SL, and Reflection at Mev’s Funeral – Angie O’Gorman
  • From Abroad – Central America – Virginia Druhe

Why This Issue:

In honor of Karen House's twentieth anniversary and the celebration of one hundred years since Dorothy Day's birth, we decided to put out a commemorative issue. It is a sampling of Round Table articles over the years. It should not be mistaken for a "Round Table Greatest Hits" although we do hope we have some of our better articles reprinted here. Our purpose, rather, was to present articles by some of our most frequent authors that tell the story of our history and the issues that have been central to us.

We begin, in a sense, with the beginning. In the first article, Sue Lauritsen tells the history of the Catholic Worker in St. Louis (in its most recent incarnation) which she initiated. Following Sue's piece we have articles about each of the houses that hopefully give some sense of them and the life in them. These are by Pat Coy, longtime community member at Karen House and central person on The Round Table for years; Carol Donahue, cpps., who helped keep Cass House vital for its ten years; Mary Ann McGivern, S.L., our most prolific writer, who was at Karen House in the beginning and who has been the anchor at the Little House its whole history; Lee Carter, who ran a restaurant and was a most beloved community member at Karen House; and finally Teka Childress, who basically gets an article in here because she has stuck it out at the Worker a long time and thus accumulated a number of articles. After the "house" articles we have some interviews with guests, one with a woman at Karen House, by Bill Ramsey, former community member and faithful rabble rouser, and one with a child, by Ellen Rehg, former community member and lover of children.

After the articles about our houses and guests, we move into presenting some of the issues dear to our hearts over the twenty years. John Kavanaugh, SJ., outstanding teacher and writer and our dear friend, writes on Community; Mark Scheu, community member for a decade and keen social critic, writes on The State and the Follower of Christ; Mary Dutcher, another former community member who performs her usual skill of raising numerous critical issues and showing their relation to one another writes on "Feminism, Peace, and Incidentally, the Church"; Virginia Druhe, another formidable Round Table presence, who lived in Central America (with Mary), writes about Central America; Tim Pekarek, one of the few remaining current community members, writes from the fairly recent issue on Homosexuality.

So that you don 't think we only ponder serious things and have no sense of humor, our last two articles are from our humor issue, the first a "review" of the Bible, by Ellen Rehg, and the second, letters to Miss Ann Arch-all right, I'll let it out of the bag-by Virginia Druhe. Our Centerfold is dedicated to Ann Manganaro, SL, one of the cofounders of Karen House, and Mev Puleo, a photojournalist, and a companion to both those at Karen House and Cass House. These two are our beloved friends whose lives still inspire us and whose deaths we still mourn. We include testimonies to them by Martha Crowley, S.L., and Angie O'Gorman.

We hope that you enjoy rereading some of these articles and that they offer encouragement. Thanks for everything these past twenty years. We could never have done it without you.

- Teka Childress



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