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The RoundTable

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Winter 1997


Major Articles

  • Room for Christ - Dorothy Day
  • Room for Christ at Karen House – Brian Christopher
  • The Historical Jesus: State of the Research – Mark Scheu
  • Jesus, the Compassion of God – Mary Wuller
  • Jesus the Liberator: A Latin American Christology – Jon Sobrino, SJ
  • Being Really Present - Ellen Rehg

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Regular Features

  • Photos – Mev Puleo
  • Cover – Artwork Fritz Eichenberg
  • Why This Issue – Teka Childress
  • Centerfold –  Various Poems on Christ
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • From Abroad – East Timor - Mark Chmiel
  • From Our Guests’ Mailbag
  • From Karen House – Karen Wheeler
  • RoundTable Talk – Virginia Druhe

Why This Issue:

I was recently telling some people who had come to visit Karen House about the Round Table. As I began to name the recent issues that we had addressed in our journal, I had to laugh. I realized it was a bit bold of us to take on such topics as Christian Anarchism or community-based economics. When I was relating this to Mark Scheu he commented on how appropriate it was that we broached such subjects usually left to the realm of "professionals" or "experts." Of all the topics that we've dared to address, this current one, "Who Do You Say That I Am?” is one that might seem especially daunting. Yet it is one that should be approached by everyone who follows Jesus. Mark Scheu writes in his essay on the Historical Jesus, that one's answer to this question should profoundly affect the direction of one's life.

In this issue we do not offer a definitive answer to this question nor do we provide an exhaustive survey of possible answers. The contributors, though, offer a certain vision of Jesus from either their relationship with him or from their scholarship or both. Dorothy Day, in this reprinted article, "Room for Christ", reminds us of a central truth about Christ and a truth central to the Catholic Worker that Christ is in each person we encounter. Brian Christopher responds to Dorothy's article and relates it to his experience at Karen House. Mark Scheu, our reference librarian and scholar, gives an overview of research into the "Historical Jesus." Mary Wuller describes the relationship of Christ to women and relates her own experience as a woman scholar in the Catholic Church. Jon Sabrino, in his essay, "Jesus the Liberator", reprinted here with permission, makes the case that an image of Jesus as a liberator is one that is both relevant and better reflects the true identity of Jesus.

Lastly, among our feature articles, Ellen Rehg, true to form, offers a creative insight. She looks at the Australian Aboriginal belief of the Dreaming as a way to get some intuition into the Roman Catholic belief of the Real Presence.

We end with our usual array of house articles, the Little Home article written by Mary Ann McGivern about her trip to Germany, the Karen House article written by one of our guests, Rev. Karen Wheeler, the From Abroad written by Mark Chmiel about the struggle of East Timor, and the Round Table Talk written by Virginia Druhe about the relationship between the Contra drug trafficking and the Crack epidemic in South Central Los Angeles.

- Teka Childress



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