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Poetry, Prose, Music

Spring 2001



  • January 1980 (A Song), Easter 1981 - Ann Manganaro
  • To Miss Faith, The Other Side – John Kavanaugh, SJ
  • A Rant, Untitled – Rodney Yarnal
  • Special Delivery – Angie O’Gorman
  • My Little Juliet – Myrrah Rehg
  • Life (Change of Seasons), Stay or Go – Renee Hughes
  • April 4, 1968 – Bill Ramsey
  • Tactility – Mark Chmiel
  • On the Publication of Robert McNamara’s In Retrospect: the Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam – Michael Bartz
  • Untitled – Bill Miller
  • Mother of Perpetual Help – Mary Ann McGivern


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  • Photos – Joe Angert
  • Artwork – Jeff Finnegan, Virginia Druhe, Jeremy Nantz, Sharon McMullen Orlet, Larry Nolte
  • Calligraphy – Catherine Nolan
  • Cover – Michael Bartz/ Siloam Print Collective
  • Why This Issue – Michael Bartz
  • Centerfold – Artwork from Annie Scheunbauer

Why This Issue:

Ten years ago this past winter as our country lay poised on the brink of war in the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, I was honored to edit an issue of The Round Table dedicated to the memory of, or as Daniel Berrigan said in our interview with him, amnesia about, Vietnam. That war for oil was, of course, prosecuted. The Gulf Slaughter as some called it led to the sanctions against Iraq which continue to this day, causing untold horrific suffering, especially for the children of that pitiable country. In the United States, the collapse of so many dot coms and the sullying of their concomitant aura of financial boom, similar to that of the Ray Gun '80s, have exposed the transient glories of fast-buck capitalism and the greed-based engines that drive it. During the decade the only "gulf' we could be confident about was the one yawning ever wider between rich and poor in this country (and really around the world); and now we are daily pummeled by propaganda about tax "cuts" that would, in fact, create even more obscene chasms. Alas, the need for the Catholic Worker and its labors has not disappeared, nor does it seem likely to do so in the future.


And so as the initial winter of the new millennium dragged on, all of us grinding away at our quotidian chores, the Worker community sought some respite. Where might there be that much needed relief from the weighing down of our collective psyches by the ponderous issues of contemporary society? Where might we find some light?


The answer was, as it has been through the history of humankind, Art!


The folks at Karen House and its support community-the Round Table gang-had the brilliant idea to create a Spring issue sharing with its readers the poetry, prose, drawings, and photographs of its members, guests, and friends. I was asked to edit this issue, and am again honored to be a part of this work. And so we offer you this Spring feast of old and new creations. The pieces speak for themselves. Some of them have been kicking around for decades; some are as fresh as last week. We ask you to peruse this issue in the spirit with which it was created: find a quiet moment, settle back with your favorite beverage, and let the power of art work its magic in your soul. If you can sit outside in the sun near some first flowers, in a "bee-loud glade" (thank you, Mr. Yeats), all the better. But wherever you experience this issue, think of the bees and the wonderful symbolism of their life's labor, honey and wax; this is what we offer you: Sweetness and Light!

-Michael Bartz



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