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Building the City of God

Winter 1982

Major Articles

  • Resistance- Is It Civil Obedience – Richard Falk
  • Women’s Pentagon Action – Martha Donovan
  • A Vision for the Builders – Robert Fox
  • Quotes on the City of God

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Regular Features

  • Cover – Artwork by Genevieve Cassani
  • Photo Essay – Joe Angert
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • From Karen House – Mary Jane Antuna
  • From Cass House – Zac Davisson

Why This Issue:

We've chosen the theme "Building the City of God" because it is an image of hope. We want to counteract a possible impression--in these long, dreary Winter months-that news from a Catholic Worker community, ensconced squarely in the midst of the depression of the human city, might nudge the reader toward despair.


Not so! The City of God lurks in every human situation. Robert Fox, designer of Harlem's "Summer in the City" program, speaks in a joyful article about how God is in the middle of the chicken soup we call creation. Various Catholic Workers give two or three sentence descriptions of their experience of the City of God. And--lest we float off in a cloud of euphoria--we include several reflections on continued resistance to nuclear armaments.


Richard Falk's inspiring article reminds us that it is therapeutic and life giving to work for peace in the face of nuclear holocaust. There is news of the uncommonly pleasant trial at which he testified as an expert witness, as well as Martha's reflections on her experience at the Women's Pentagon Action. Lastly, as always, there is news of the houses.



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