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Easy Essays

From Peter Maurin, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement


Please visit the Catholic Worker website for more articles and information on the Catholic Worker and Peter Maurin.  Visit an archive of Peter Maurin's Easy Essays here.


Share Your Wealth

1. God wants us to be our brother's keeper.

2. To feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to shelter the homeless, to instruct the ignorant, at a personal sacrifice, is what God wants us to do.

3. What we give to the poor for Christ's sake is what we carry with us when we die.

4. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau say: "When man dies he carries in his clutches hands only that which he has given away."

Passing The Buck

1. In the first centuries of Christianity the poor were fed, clothed, and sheltered at a personal sacrifice and the Pagans said about the Christians: "See how they love each other."

2. Today the poor are fed, clothed, and sheltered by the politicians at the expense of the taxpayers.

3. And because the poor are no longer fed, clothed, and sheltered at a personal sacrifice but at the expense of taxpayers Pagans say about Christians: "See how they pass the buck."



1. Because John Calvin legalized money-lending at interest, the State has legalized money-lending at interest.

2. Because the State has legalized money-lending at interest, home owners have mortgaged their farms; institutions have mortgaged their buildings; congregations have mortgaged their churches; cities, counties, States and Federal Government have mortgaged their budgets.

3. So people find themselves in all kinds of financial difficulties because the State has legalized money-lending at interest in spite of the teachings of the Prophets of Israel and the Founders of the Church


A Radical Change

1. The order of the day is to talk about the social order.

2. Conservatives would like to keep it from changing but they don't know how.

3. Liberals try to patch it and call it a New Deal.

4. Socialists want a change, but a gradual change.

5. Communists want a change, an immediate change, but a Socialist change.

6. Communists in Russia do not build Communism, they build Socialism.

7. Communists want to pass from capitalism to Socialism and from Socialism to Communism.

8. I want a change, and a radical change.

9. I want a change from an acquisitive society to a functional society, from a society of go-getters to a society of go-givers.