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Food: The Delicious Revolution

Summer 2008


Major Articles

  • The Global Food Democracy Crisis: It's Paradigm Shift Time!- Stephen Bartlett
  • New Roots Urban Farm: A Model of Sustainability- Mary Hargadon
  • Campus Kitchen: Cooking Up A Solution To Hunger - Ellen Rehg
  • At The Table - Carolyn Griffeth
  • Book Reviews on the Delicious Revolution

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Regular Features

  • Cover – Artwork by Jeff Finnegan
  • Why This Issue – Timmy Cosentino
  • Centerfold – We Can All Do Something- Teka Childress and Joe Angert
  • From Abroad – Nicaragua - James Meinert
  • From Little House - Teka Childresss, Mike Baldwin
  • From Karen House – Elizabeth Driscoll
  • From the Mailbag
  • RoundTable Talk – Becky Hassler

Why This Issue:

As I think about this issue and why we are taking the time to write about it, I am even more aware of the growing personal revolution inside of me. I am learning how, in America, the issue of food is one of those topics that is best not talked about. Food is here, everywhere in abundance. Clean and ready to eat in minutes, if not even seconds. However, the rest of the world sees
food differently. Either it is interwoven beautifully and seamlessly into their culture and identity or it is painfully absent from the lives of millions of people. Now, at last, as food is starting to become a topic of conversation forced by rapidly rising food and oil cost, we are confronted with not why this issue now but rather why not sooner. Food is truly one of those things that crosses
all lines and all peoples. It is culture; it is identity; it is fundamentally life or death.

In this issue, we look at food and the growing and reviving culture around it. We begin with a look at where we were and where we need to go concerning food. New Roots shares with us their perspective as urban farmers, and we hear the story and views of a graduate of a local culinary job training program. Through a variety of book reviews, we offer a vision from growing to cooking food, and how food can affect us all. Lastly, we take a moment to look at the recovering culture of shared meals to build “common-union.”

The Roundtable wouldn't be complete without hearing from different voices about what is going on in the extended community. The From Abroad piece is from James Meinert, who shares his experiences of Nicaragua. Elizabeth Driscoll talks about what is happening at Karen House. We get a check-in on the action down the street at Little House, courtesy of Mike Baldwin and Teka Childress. Becky Hassler opens up the world of midwifery to all of our benefit in Round Table Talk.

Food is a part of us and our culture, whether we like it or not. To be quite clichéd, we are what we eat, but we are also how we eat and with whom we eat. I agree with Virginia Druhe who, when we discussed this issue of the Round Table, said, “Food: there truly is nothing like it!” So, welcome to the delicious revolution- creating a new world never tasted so good.

- Timmy Cosentino



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