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The RoundTable

Local Peace Makers

Fall 1988

Major Articles


  • Interview with Dan Bolef - Virginia Druhe
  • Interview with Teka Childress - Barb Prosser
  • Interview with Rich Howard-Willms – Barb Prosser
  • Interview with Hedy Epstein – Jim Plato
  • Interview with Herschel Walker – Pat Coy
  • Interview with Pius Pagen, OP – Pat Coy
  • Interview with Bob and Jane Corbett – Katrina Campbell
  • Interview with Claudia (Guatemalan Refugee) - Virginia Druhe

Local Peacemakers

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Regular Features

  • Cover – Local Peacemaker Photos
  • Why This Issue – Barb Prosser
  • Centerfold –Artwork by Genevieve Cassani
  • From Central America – Mary Dutcher
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • From Karen House – Lee Carter

Why This Issue:

Peacemaking. It is a term we hear daily. It is a term that is defined in a myriad of styles. We hear of peacemaking forces in the Middle East and of our weapon systems being introduced as peacemaking tools. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to UN military peace keeping forces.


Those of us with the St. Louis Catholic Worker have chosen to illustrate peacemakers in yet another fashion.


We have chosen eight people, whose lives have served as witness to us. Eight people who offer another definition of peacemaker. To be honest it was difficult to select only eight. So many have served as inspirations locally and historically.


They offer eight different messages -all of them connecting to the same basic need of responding to the call of our brothers and sisters with respect, dignity and love. They echo each other with the responsibility to practice peace. They speak of the message of love and the need for conversion in our hearts. They talk of influencing others by witnessing and the importance of affirming each other as we work for change. They stress the urgency of continuing to ask questions.

Share in the stories of Claudia, a Guatemalan refugee; of Dan, a physicist who has dedicated his life to peace; and of Pius, a Dominican sister involved in prison ministry. Partake of Hershel's rich history in Civil Rights; in Jane and Bob's amazing energy with their third world witness and of Teka's call to serving on a personal level. Learn from Rich's Mennonite tradition and Hedy's call to peace as a survivor of the Holocaust.


We offer responses to our last issue in Hail bag. We bring you a message from Mary Dutcher in Nicaragua, as she continues to· keep us connected with Central America. Lee carter, a long time community member, offers the Karen House article. Mary Ann McGivern continues to share reflections from the Little House. Jim Plato gives us a poignant Round Table Talk in which he reflects on his personal experiences with family and friends. The center spread offers original graphics from Genevieve Cassani and Scriptures for thought as we approach another election day.


I am reminded of the prayer "In the stillness of my heart your voice beckons, urging me always to a deeper response." In this issue which highlights local peacemakers, we urge you to read and to digest the witness of these and the many peacemakers who continue to call us to a deeper response.


- Barb Prosser



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