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Fall 1987


Major Articles


  • But What is the Question? –Jim Douglass
  • The Agape Campaign – Jim Douglass
  • First Strike! Trident 2 – Robert Aldridge

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Regular Features

  • Cover – Artwork by Larry Nolte
  • Why This Issue – Ellen Rehg
  • Centerfold – Shopping Routes of the Trident II Nuclear Missile, Artwork by Larry Nolte
  • From Cass House – Final Article Barb Prosser, Sue Lauritsen, Mitch McGee, Zack Davisson
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • From Karen House – Virginia Druhe
  • RoundTable Talk – Mark Scheu
  • From our Mailbag

Why This Issue:

I predict that this issue will bring tears to your eyes. It is filled with data about our first-strike nuclear weapons end about the trains which steadily rattle and lumber across our land, in fact right through our city, laden with the fuel and the parts for these weapons. Bob Aldridge details the chilling facts of the D-5, explaining what this first-strike missile can do, how many we have and how many we will build. Jim McGinnis relates the story of Ground Zero's Campaign against these missiles and the nuclear submarines which carry them. Jim Douglass, a participant in that Seattle-based campaign, recently spoke with us in St. Louis about tracking the trains which carry this lethal cargo to their respective submarine bases. He reflects upon the living martyrdom of Brian Willson. Brian also confronted a train transporting weapons, this one destined for Central America, and paid a severe price.


The trains are the common thread that run through these articles. Whereas trains have always brought destruction in their wake for such as the Native Americans, for the immigrants to this land they have also been a romantic symbol of the struggle to unify the vast and lonely reaches of our continent. Once again the trains bring death and destruction, and once again they are uniting our land. From Poulsbo, Washington through St. Louis to King's Bay, Georgia, communities such as Ground Zero and others respond to the death rattle of the trains with the active love of nonviolence described by Jim Douglass.


The tears came for me in reading of the loving actions of both the people on the tracks blockading the trains and the people in the trains operating them. The violence and viciousness of our weapons and our intent to kill with and for them has neither triumphed nor had the final word. We hope this issue will serve to scatter the seeds of this campaign into whatever wind is blowing in the wake of the stealthy night-time passage of the nuclear train.


As always we included our house articles. The Cass House article appears for the final time with the community reflecting upon their past and future. We lament the closing of our sister shelter, yet greet the future with renewed hope in doing the works of mercy and resisting the works of war.


-Ellen Rehg



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