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The RoundTable

Crossing the Divide from Privilege

to Community

Spring 2006


Major Articles

  • The Privilege of White Inheritance – Jenny Truax
  • From Privilege to Mutuality – Tony Hilkin
  • Tell Us, Please – Interview by Christen Parker and Virginia Druhe
  • It’s About Passion – Mike (Miquel) Dulick
  • Educational Privilege – Melissa Brickey
  • Relinquishing Power, Building Relationships - Teka Childress

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Regular Features

  • Cover – Wedding Photo from Christine O’Rourke
  • Why This Issue – Christen Parker
  • Centerfold – Bridging the Gap: Building Relationships  - Jenny Truax
  • From Abroad – Central America – Trish Grim, Joe Black
  • From Karen House – Laura Ragan
  • RoundTable Talk – Juliann Jakimczyk

Why This Issue:

Dr. Martin Luther King called racism a pathology of the white culture. Aware that this is indeed pathology, or illness, we offer this Roundtable in hopes of exposing our wounds -to begin to heal them, or at the very least, to let them be known to ourselves and to others. We know that often to become aware of our problems of privilege we need those affected by them to speak truth to our power; it may only be when our son or daughter confronts us about our drinking problem that we start those twelve steps. Whites need to be confronted with privilege. We all need to talk about how we will move forward and evolve into a community. To do that, we must challenge ourselves out of silent and insidious racism. It is not only that breaking down racism is a beautiful thing, it is our duty.


Jenny will launch us into this discussion of white privilege through historical and contemporary contexts. Migue1 (Mike) relates a telling story of his current life of vulnerable solidarity and how that teaches him. We will hear a conversation with Lorraine and Dorothy as they share their experiences with white authority and privilege. Melissa reflects on her educational privilege. Tony will speak of his experiences at Karen House and in the neighborhood. And we hope our regular columns will speak to you as well.


A sickness this old and this infectious is an often unnoticed malady. But there is health to be had. The paradox of this illness, it seems, is that its direct effects are felt by another, and it seems that the way to cure it is to move closer to that other-physically, emotionally, relationally.


The process itself of writing this issue has been one of dialogue, introspection, and connection. If it calls to you, heed the call. Bridging the wide gap of racism and economic in justice needs all of us-today. And so, let us listen and engage...


– Christen Parker



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