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I Am the Resurrection

Spring 1988

Major Articles


  • A Theology of Resurrection - Virginia Druhe
  • Resurrection in the Church Tradition – Dennis Kennedy, CM
  • Juggling with God – Jim Krings
  • Portents of God’s Presence – Dorothy Armbruster
  • On This Side of the Poor – Anata Miller, IHM


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Regular Features

  • Cover – Artwork by Larry Nolte
  • Why This Issue – Mark Scheu
  • Centerfold – I Am Alive for Evermore – Assorted Quotes
  • From Abroad – Panama – Rosemary Davison
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • From Karen House – Ellen Rehg
  • RoundTable Talk – Carol Donahue

Why This Issue:

Why this issue indeed! Is not resurrection the linchpin of Christian faith the validating sign that God's love redeems a sinful humanity and transcends even death? Sin and death are inextricable. Death is the consequence of sin, of a willful humanity that turned away from life to choose death in all its alluring disguises. We expend so much energy in attempts to recover what was lost in this transaction, but are usually unwillingly to pay the price, to surrender our willfulness and follow Jesus. Our culture offers us countless avenues to escape death by denying its reality, through power and revenge, avarice and wealth, self-indulgence and sensuality. Yet our every effort to escape death removes us further from true life and makes death all the more certain.


There was one who, although not spared death, was raised to new life - Jesus

the Christ. He was resurrected because during  his life on earth he unwaveringly chose to live compassionately and to deny death in all its manifestations, thereby becoming the source of life for us all. The death and resurrection of Jesus and the hope of rising in union with him are the Christian answers to the irrational inevitability of death. "Anyone who wants to save their life will lose it; but anyone who loses their life for my sake will save it. We are invited to unite ourselves with Jesus in his life and death, and thus to give our own life and death a redeeming value.


In this issue Virginia Druhe argues that resurrection cannot be separated from it’s communal context. Dennis Kennedy reflects on how resurrection has been interpreted in the church over the centuries. Jim Krings recounts how his battle with a life-threatening disease has enlightened his way of life. Dorothy Armbruster admirably performs the mandatory task of drawing the experiential analogy between resurrection and the onset of spring. After our house articles

Sr. Carol Donahue explains her commitment to the neighborhood land trust.

We hope and pray that this issue sheds light on the dormant buds ready to sprout within your soul.


- Mark Scheu



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