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The RoundTable

Sacraments and Rituals

Winter 1990

Major Articles

  • A Theology of Sacrament – Jim Krings
  • A Worker’s Baptism – Ellen Rehg
  • Ritual and the African-American Culture
  • A Celebration of Kwanzaa – Hazel Harrison
  • Of Sacraments and Ritual – Dorothy Day


ents and Rituals

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Regular Features

  • Cover – Artwork by Jeff Finnegan
  • Why This Issue – Tom Nelson
  • Centerfold –The Wheel – Wendell Berry, Artwork – Jeff Finnegan
  • From Central America – Virginia Druhe
  • From Little House - Mary Ann McGivern, SL
  • From Karen House – Katrina and Jim Plato
  • From our Mailbag
  • RoundTable Talk – Mark Scheu

Why This Issue:


This issue is about describing and commenting on the rituals which enable us to find the meaning held in our human experience. Maurice Nutt, CSSR, traces a path through a series of polarities: uniformity and universality ... presider and leader ... claiming and proclaiming . . . listening and witnessing ... to sketch a vision of African-American ritual.

Hazel Harrison describes the ritual of Kwanzaa. Jim Krings shares his discovery of the meaning of the sacramentality of tax resistance as an expression of the sacramental life of liturgy and ritual. Can the voice of the victims of the violence of Central America be a prophetic voice calling us to conversion?

It is a question Virginia Druhe raises drawing on her extensive Third World experience. In a sensitive reflection on the rituals of hospitality, Ellen Rehg reminds us that the cry of the poor is first of all our own. Some of the characteristics of communion: of table ... of vision ... of mission ... of life ... in confronting and struggling with the personal and social issues which compromise our human dignity come from the communal pen of Jim and Katrina Plato.


In Dry Salvages Eliot writes:


we had the experience, but we missed the meaning ... let us continue to create/celebrate the rituals which enable us to explore our experience ... and

find the meaning.


Departing from usual practice for reasons of solidarity with its mission and community member Mary Ann McGivern's long-time association with it, a letter of appeal for financial assistance far The St. Louis Economic Conversion Project is included in this issue of The Round Table.


-Tom Nelson



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