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The RoundTable

St. Louis Catholic Worker News

Vol. 1 No.1

Summer 1979


Major Articles

  • Something Beautiful – A Prisoner at Marion
  • The H Unit – Victor Bono
  • A Christian Response to the Prison – Scott Meyer
  • The St. Louis Nine
  • Resources on Prisons
  • Another New Beginning: Cass House – Sue Lauritsen

The Round Table Summer 1979

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  Introduction: The Only Functioning Railroad

In this issue, we are pleased to bring you a revived newsletter from the Catholic Worker in St. Louis. Our newsletter carries a new name, The Round Table, and the hope to be published quarterly. In this issue, besides some talk about the house, we chose to focus on the plight of prisoners. Within our land they form an extremely silent oppressed group. The silence of their suffering is occasioned and muffled by our justice system which has been referred to as "the only functioning railroad in the country.” Those who are denied jobs, education health or hope in our society are then denied even freedom of movement bv our courts. At the same time, institutional crime and the crimes of the wealthy are consistently ignored. The silence and invisibility of prisoners should not obscure the fact that our lives are inevitably linked to theirs in the Body of Christ. Ultimately, we cannot be free if they are not free. We hope you enjoy hearing from and about our silent sisters and brothers.

We invite your reaction and participation in future newsletters.

- Virginia Druhe



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