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The RoundTable

The St. Louis Catholic Worker

Winter 1978


Major Articles

  • History of Karen House - Virginia Druhe
  • Reflections on the Catholic Worker – Bolen Carter
  • On the Jews of Silence – Harry James Cargas

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Karen House:

1840 Hogan St.

Saint Louis, MO  63106

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Now in 1977 we find a Catholic Worker House once again 1n St. Louis. Seven women have accepted voluntary poverty as a way of life so that they may be a part of the lives of the poor they are serving. It is heartening to see the vitality of the movement after forty years as shown by the interest and concern of many St. Louisans. Only a few follow Dorothy Day in voluntary poverty, but others see Christ's presence in Karen House and are eager "to help and "to pray that it will be a haven of mercy.



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