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Voices from Central America

Summer 1983

Major Articles

  • In El Salvador – Paul Reinert, S.J.
  • Juan’s Story: A Refugee’s Personal Account – Not Given
  • The Pope’s Visit to Nicaragua – Peggy Healy, M.M.
  • Sanctuary – Collaboration of Reprinted Works
  • El Salvador-A History – Bill McIntyre
  • Book Review “A Country Between Us” – Reviewed by Dennis Kennedy, C.M.
  • The Dark Side of “Brightside” – Lee Carter

Voices from Central America

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Regular Features

  • From Little House – Virginia Druhe
  • From Karen House “On The Road – Mary Dutcher
  • From Cass House – Kathy Barton

Why This Issue:

There certainly is a lot available on Central America these days. You may wonder why we dare burden you with more. It is only that we find it irresistible --compelling, necessary. Many of these articles tell of someone's personal experience of the Central American reality. It is these voices, urging us to respond, that we find so overpowering. We beg you to listen once again, to question once again, to search your own heart once again for a response. These neighbors of ours are so near. They are within reach. The centerpage deals directly with the possibility of response through sanctuary --opening our homes and churches as places of protection for refugees.

That response has begun in St. Louis. We can use your help -call Mary at Karen House (621-4052) or Virginia at Cass House (621-3085).



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