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In the past few years, several new projects, communities, and houses have joined Karen House in the neighborhood. Projects listed here have varying degrees of overlap with one another. Some consider themselves “Catholic Workers,” some don’t, some have been around the neighborhood for decades, and some are relatively new.

Currently, there is no “central” meeting or place tying all these groups together- different activities like Tuesday Mass at Karen House, dinners at Kabat House, informal prayer groups and work days have pulled different combinations of people together.

These projects represent a vast spectrum of missions and concentrations. This list describes the actual projects, rather than the houses where folks live in the neighborhood, and is definitely not to be considered a comprehensive list of every group operating in the neighborhood.





Karen House:

1840 Hogan St.

Saint Louis, MO  63106

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Teka Childress Catholic Worker- "TC House" provides long-term hospitality for a mother and her three children.



Carl Kabat Catholic Worker- Offers hospitality and support to adults, including Spanish-speaking homeless.






Little House- also known as "Ella Dixon House," provides affordable housing in a four-flat building, often to former guests of Karen House.


Grace House - Provides longer-term hospitality to a former guest of Karen House.


New Roots Urban Farm- An organic farm that participates in several local farmer’s markets. Website here.