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How Karen House Operates

Karen House is a Catholic Worker house supported by a huge local network of people.  Donations of sandwiches, clothes, money, food, and everything else under the sun keep Karen House running. 

A community of about eight people is responsible for the day-to-day work at Karen House. Some of these community members live in the house, some live in the surrounding neighborhood. All share a belief in the Catholic Worker tenets and a passion for the hospitality that Karen House provides.


We offer short-term shelter for 13 homeless women and their children.  It's on a first come, first serve basis, so women seeking shelter should call us every day to see if we have any space.



Karen House:

1840 Hogan St.

Saint Louis, MO  63106

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In addition to the physical donations that our wonderful supporters provide, Karen House is blessed to be home to dozens of volunteers. 

No one gets paid to work at Karen House- we are not an “agency”. 

Volunteers cook dinner, take house, clean, spend time with the kids, and generally keep the house running.


If you would like to volunteer, donate something, or just find out more, please call us at 314-621-4052.